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Midtown Studios

At Midtown Studios, my drums are permanently mic'ed up for quick and easy recording, saving loads of time, and therefore saving the client money. All recordings can be exported with or without my effects and dynamic processing, and can be sent online for the client to carry on working the same day.

Some of the Gear at Midtown

  • Mapex and Natal drum kits
  • Paiste cymbals (Signature range, Dark energy, 2002 and Alpha)
  • Snare drums of various woods and metals
  • Loads of hand percussion
  • Marshall amps
  • Fender guitars and basses
  • Lots of new and vintage microphones
  • Focusrite mic preamps
  • MacPro with Logic Pro and tons of plug-ins
  • Adams and KRK monitors

To see what drum gear I use, please see my Endorsments page. Examples of my recordings, songwriting and mixing can be found here.