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I was born into a pretty musical family, my mother singing and acting in local am-dram productions and my father singing and playing guitar (once with Status Quo!).

My poor brother had to put up with a lot of racket, particularly on the day of his 11th birthday (I was 9) when I received a Premier Olympic 4 piece kit! It wasn't long before I was in a band with friends and played my first pub gig in London at the age of 13. However, no one seemed to care that I played drums and it wasn't helping my street-cred so I took up the guitar! Taking some classical lessons and following my dad's rock and roll lead, I began singing and playing guitar at school shows and fronting my own covers band. I never stopped drumming, where my originals band were gaining local success and starting to make recordings, which interested me a lot.

At age 18 I studied a degree in Music Technology to learn more about recording techniques, arranging music and performing and started building Midtown Studios. My first major songwriting and recording venture was with Mark Harrison, where we wrote and recorded an album and found the brilliant Rob Riley and Rich Hodges to carry the venture forward. We recorded a lot, had songs played on local and international radio, played live on radio too, and performed around London and Kent, eventually leading to the release of our debut album "When Shadows Fall". Unfortunately it was during the completion of this album that we decided not to carry on, but all remain friends and continue to work together in various capacities.

Through Mark I met band leader (and ex-Bruce Dickinson) bass player Andy Carr who gave me the opportunity to play in his covers bands in London's West End (see Rocket). On the London covers circuit I meet many fantastic musicians, depping for some great drummers and have gained so much experience in playing what's right for the song, what to copy and what to improvise. It was in the initial band with Andy Carr and Mark Harrison that I met Tom Edwards who amongst others, was playing with Adam Ant. When Adam Ant was auditioning for a new drummer, Tom quickly put me forward. So it's him, Andy and Mark that I have to thank for the last two and half years I've spent touring the US, UK and Australia with Adam Ant and The Good, The Mad and The Lovely Posse.

Throughout much of this time I have been teaching drums using the Drumsense method at Midtown Studios and at the Brit Performing Arts School in Croydon.

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